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lucky1 Lucky Lhasa Sungpo
*30. 6. 2016
younger brother of KEN Lhasa Sungpo

His sir Charon Lhasa Sungpo - *30. 10. 2012
has got few significant titles:
Champion of CZ, JCH of CZ, Club Champion, Club Junior winner, regional winner, National winner 3x, Winer of Prague, BOB 3x, 2x CACIB,
1x res.CACIB, 5x BOJ, CAC 4x, CAJC 5x


His dam Ready For Life Ivepet – JCH of CZ, Club Champion,
2x CAJC, 2x CAC, Regional winer


Just like his brother, he has been participating in all regional, national, international and foreign exhibitions since the puppy

On the CACIB Chemnitz in April 2017 was awarded the following titles: V1 CAC-J, CAC VDH-J, BOJ

Achieved titles in 2017:
CAJC 3x, CAC VDH 1x, BOS 1x, BOJ 2x, CAC 3x, Class winner 2x Junior class winner Staňkov, Junior class winner Plzeň,
Junior class winner Benátky, Best junior IHA Oberwart, Junior class winner Karlovy Vary

Titles in 2018:
CAC 10x, res. CAC 4x, CACIB 1x, res. CACIB 3x, BOS 2x

He also participated, as his brother did, at the WDS in Leipzig and the German Winner Show

26. 9. 2017 Czech junior champion
22. 10. 2017 Club Champion
20. 5. 2018 Czech champion
7. 10. 2018 Czech grand champion
28. 8. 209 Champion of Austria
jch lucky-CZCH

Titles in 2019:

Titles in 2020:


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