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ken1 Ken Lhasa Sungpo
*23. 5. 2015

His sir Charon Lhasa Sungpo - *30. 10. 2012
has got few significant titles:
Champion of CZ, JCH of CZ, Club Champion, Club Junior winner, regional winner, National winner 3x, Winer of Prague, BOB 3x, 2x CACIB,
1x res.CACIB, 5x BOJ, CAC 4x, CAJC 5x


His dam Ready For Life Ivepet – JCH of CZ, Club Champion,
2x CAJC, 2x CAC, Regional winer


Since the puppy, he has been regularly participating in all international, national exhibitions both at home and abroad.
Already in 2016 he was on the IDS in Chemnitz. After this followed IDS České Budějovice, NDS Klatovy, RS Kladno, NDS Mladá Boleslav,
RS Prague, IDS Brno, IDS České Budějovice.

Titles in 2016: CAJC 3x, BOJ 3x, class winner, Regional winner K. Vary, Regional Junior Class Winner Kladno, Best Young Dog, BOB 1x

In 2017 he received the title of 1x National Winner at the IDS and NDS / 8. 1. 2017,
followed by the other IDS and NDS in 2017, also he was on WDS in the Leipzig and the German Winner Show
- titles for the year 2017: VDH winner - Chemnitz, BOB 2x, BOS 1x, CAC 8x, CAC VDH 1x, res.CAC 2x, CACIB 1x, res.CACIB 2x, BOJ,
Regional winner of RS Staňkov, Junior class winner Kladno, Club champion, National winner 2x, Best Young Dog

Titles in 2018:
CAC 13x, res. CAC 1x, CACIB 5x, res. CACIB 6x, BOS 6x, VHD CAC 1x, RW 2x, CW 1x, BOB 1x, NW 1x, CACA 1x

3. 11. 2015 he became the Czech junior champion
22. 10. 2016 Club Champion
22. 4. 2018 Champion of CZ
10. 7. 2018 Grandchampion
7. 10. 2018 Champion of ČMKU
15. 1. 2019 Internatonal Champion of Beauty
28. 8. 2019 Champion of Austria
20. 11. 2019 Champion of Germany

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Titles in 2019:

Úspěchy v roce 2020:

Ken as one of the few dogs of his family Lhasa Apso, has got also obedience exams.
11. 6. 2017 passed the ZOP obedience test
19. 11. 2017 he passed the ZZO obedience test


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